KreAir Bike Camper Plans

Documentation “How I built my bike camper KreAir”
Thank you for your interest!

Here you can buy my documentation about how I built my 26kg ultra light bike camper as a
pdf of 67 pages.
This documentation is released, because the camper got through its first 900 miles trip
towards the Alps and it will be used for many more trips, because it is so much fun.
The 67 pages of this Ebook includes not only many pictures but also a list of all the material
used and my sources of supply. 2 examples following:

I paid around $700 just for the building material without the mattress and drawbar.
This documentation will be updated if there are any changes.
Every buyer has immediate access to the updated version through the link in the purchase

I do not accept any liability for any damage of any kind that might occur as a result of this
construction. If you build this bike caravan, you build it yourself and you are responsible for
I am just sharing my approach of building this bicycle camper.
I am not giving any legal binding information about how you build and use the camper, that is
all your responsibility. Nor do I say that this caravan is perfect or that I am a professional.
This is just my own, amateurish approach I am showing you.
With the purchase of this Ebook you automatically agree to the disclaimer!
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A sale is only possible for private individuals.
Each document is sent personally by me by mail within 1 hour.

Price: 20€

It is a normal pdf, which can be opened on any device.
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